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Las Vegas, NV                    (7/05-Current)

PRESIDENT - Chief operating officer for mortgage brokerage firm. Responsible for arranging joint venture agreements with developers and real estate brokers.


Oxnard, CA                        (2/02-7/03)

VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - Primary responsibility to secure in-warrantee repair certification with Taiwan and Japanese based LCD (flat screen computer monitors) manufacturers. Prime mover on ISO 9002 certification. Focus on business diversification and customer satisfaction.

Ann Arbor, Michigan           (7/00-12/01)

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING - Responsible for company wide marketing for major supplier of newspaper and commercial publishing systems. Implemented embracement strategy to hold extensive newspaper customer base pending development of major new replacement products. Overall supervision of concept and content for product collaterals, media advertising, trade shows and Internet.

Ann Arbor, Michigan            (5/98-7/00)

PRESIDENT - Quickly turned company from loss situation to highly profitable supplier of specialized software for printing applications. Focused company on strategy of aggressive high profile marketing.  


Thousand Oaks, CA              (5/90-7/98)

PRINCIPLE - Private consulting practice - most of my consulting activities have been in Japan consulting at Board level for several very large companies in the following areas:


     1) Product reviews

     2) Strategic planning

     3) Market projections and competitive positioning

     4) User surveys

     5) Mergers, acquisitions, investments,

          and joint ventures

     6) Organizational and management

          evaluation of US subsidiaries


Brea, CA                                 (3/93‑4/95)

CORPORATE VICE PRESIDENT - Strategic planning for restructure of distribution channels.


Vista, CA                                (5/89‑5/90)

VICE PRESIDENT, CONSULTING SERVICES ‑ Primary activities in Japan consulting with several high profile companies in the following areas: Product review, strategic planning, market projections, competitive positioning, user surveys, merger and acquisitions, investments/joint ventures, organization and management evaluation.




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